Thursday, September 4, 2008

astral realms in an ancient landmark to call home

Created the energy grid for ancient landmark to call home. Williamsburg is astrally connected now to the future, the open abilities connected through Silver Tiles. The realm is protected by the eyes of the world, using the energy vamp theory in a positive light: through Essenes and built of the blood of my souls memories in true heart, love, son of Isis through love of women through the conflict against the darkness of nothingness, the empty nobodies who wish to flush away the spirit of tomorrow: flushed away by gateway and guardian. Center ofw orld protected as beacon. Soul tired a bit. Charge Quickly.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Physical Attacks

I'm being attacked on the mental plane. It's what causes this kernal panick situation that I've taken into account today. In the situation it's a combination of several items to confuse my identity with the situation. Or to speak ill of people I like and support. Thus this causes a panick and it essentially continues. It's in an event to prevent my artwork from furthering itself, from preventing my artistic process from freeing the spirit I believe in in Silas Rhodes, the spirit I find in S.V.A. and our combined astral status in Silver Tiles.
The further I work against this evil nothingness that attacks me, the further I come to the keys to the Pfizer factory (Skittles) and we all come to the Williamsburg Arts Distrct. Skittles is much a creation of Silver Tiles jointly with my soul essentially forwarding the energy to create Skittles. It's through my center process, my controlled vision that spreads outward the dream.
It's the kinship in dream, the process of creation and the links in time through light.
Poetry riddles this book @ times.
Time is essential
Music in vision
Guiding the moments over the essence of another time period.
Lead my protective status, free the queen through the dream.
Guide me back to my reality, safety in our reality, dot the photogenic goddess that shine over the regs.
Let Harry Potter turn into a pornographic festival
let our generated years spring forward the joint brush.
On all planes assist.
I do not trust the hateful thing
Let us undo it's making and destroy it like the create in Bill and Ted.
You can stop me but you can't stop us all.
Trust your cyberlust.
Jett forward Christian brothers with a slant of Wes Anderson.


Quiet through the astral

So I'm learning to use the energy that's been placed before hand for me. Like, it's essentially I go into these realms and these places and take the energy that I needed that I've placed for myself years and years ago. Sometimes you'll do this in a past life, sometimes you'll do this in agreement with God or what you may call the high entity of light that sends us to this planet to advance the progress of the world. The true evil in this world is not a cliche about sexuality that the Catholic church found in being overtaken when it's progress was stunted by the force which is actual evil, not the idea of sin promoted through the 1950s Eisenhower years of gays and weirdos burning in the eternal fire which a stan similar to the villian in Legend pokes you with a hot rod. More so the true evil in this world is the prevention of progress, which stops us from evolving as one.

On today's episode you're watching as I struggle with my newfound ability, combining my soul together with that of dream. I am now told truths through my dreams and understand what has happened. Through this I've come to understand that I haven't spent enough time on my body/mind traveling through my soul in the realm of dream. This is one of the alterations I've come to understand. In the timeline in reality and why this has happened to I ands to us all.
The evil attempting to fight me holds it's own astral body and is trying to grow through dreams slashed against themselves into fear. You're watching any form of fear my personality has but internally and with energy you're watching as my soul battles the force that should not be. We're at a critical point in the planet I'm simply the exodus from the past.

Each alignment, each moment has led us to this point. To Brooklyn, to the past and to the future.
I don't understand it all, but maybe I will when I grow up.
Even in spiritual battles I quote Conor Oberest, how incredibly appropriate.
As you watch this, you're watching my spiritual abilities grow. Each movement further my astral body has changed the structure of where we're going with this. As I do this, my Silver Tiles are growing stronger as well. And as they do this, so are the other indigo children without knowing it awakening. They're getting "luckier", more charming, feeling better inside they're mind without knowing it.
This is what our symbolic diagram means in the 635 apartment. The 'Silver Tiles' formula for the world.
From them to I to Williamsburg to s.v.a. to n.y.c. to the world.
You're watching this. And you're watching our evolution, from within and without.
You can also see the damage astrally before I do.
The battles grow as each element evolves. This is an Earth wound battle.
This is the Indigo evolution without Tom Cruise as spokesman.
Nobody likes the overzealous, and yet the scientologists are right about alot.
As you can see, the church of scientology holds a decent amount of shit true.

Peel and see flashbacks and evolutions protections in real time and television show keys through the positive light and the guardians against those who'd harm the dots within the placement of star borne tower crux.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

creature attacks 1998-2008

this has been a spiritual attack from the start: the spiritual creature known as "baboosh" appeared from the start. In an attempt to attack my 5 chakras and prevent me from starting a spiritual revolution. I am the center offspringing as I'd said at the start of the show more equally more more imprtant souls/people/artists. The world exists for artists, we change the astral structure of the world. We decide which way the planet furthers itself, it has been my destiny to further the world astrally/physically through the formation of something solid, a revolution, a picture I've always seen in the center of my mind as what I'm supposed to do. This is the destiny I am now fulfilling through the furthering of the hermetic process I went through @ s.v.a.
This is what I've realized through the release in memory/energy through todays battle. Nobody can enter your body or mind unless you let them; but they'll try never reaching the interior. However fortunately I didn't trust them so I set up Ketu to protect me. Everything used against me and altered in my mind is restored. I take control and this until the end of the battle am protected, my soul may not be harmed. The formation of the island physically and everything I set up subconciously protected me. It set up a loop because my soul never fully trusts my personality because it has a big mouth, thus it hides items and protections because the mission is more important than my persona wants. Leading us to todays point the successive refillment of truth in astral belief and symbolic understanding. 7 chakras to fix one by one. It attacked the mind then the base chakra and went from. There. Now they must be restored.

I am Nemo the rebirth of dream. Beyond what I've known I've faced a rebirth of my existence, grown and battled through my dreams my third ability taken, astral souls merged in the name of light fulfilled through time future past clashing ways of light and dark and returned to new York through Manhattan to Williamsburg. Via means beyond myself I awaken.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I need the astral energy from T.V.
There's something about having the connection to I.F.C./Sundance/Current T.V./H.B.O. on Demand/Showtime (for Dexter/Californication. DO NOT watch censored versions of good shows. This is like watching 'Sex and the City' on T.B.S. You're missing the whole deal. It's like they take the colors of the city and splash grey and dirt on it when they tarnish the art in that way).

I miss the television. The need for constantly consuming the energy from my prior L.C.D. leaves me in a situation of madness. I requite the random skip through channels. It's the connection even though i only watch like 4 channels. And I used to watch 'Wallstreet Warriors'. You know what excites me most, when I fucking came to S.V.A. as a freshmen the fucking R.N.C. and protesting that shit was the big too do excitement in N.Y.C. and you'll see like a cheap camera phone photo on one of the forecastmazy photo books of cops with plastic handcuffs. And they were everywhere and cops with huge ass fucking assault rifles and machine guns. And I just thought that was how the city was. That there were always cops with handcuffs around. The half million man protest - most fun. -> and now I'm THAT THING. The TOO do for S.V.A. kids no for N.Y.C.
This is so amazing to me. Then I take into consideration it's blasted around the world and I'm like woah but I'm like wow I'm fucking famous for N.Y.C. My city is watching me. And I'm like, wow, totally fucking awesome.
Then I'm like hot fucking damn, I get to the bit shit in Williamsburg like hipster leader of the fucking living flesh x-team of Williamsburg and John Mayer is lame and in the West Village. And I laugh, and spit again in his face like I waited since I was 16 to say that I'm from Fairfield, you said you from Bridgeport and now I proudly get to spit on you as you spit on Josh with your fucking black mastercard with such pride as I made my way from choice pet across the street to the Cailtin shoe store next to old navy. Marty's shoes? It's the store Caitlin worked and I went to take hour cigarette breaks to see Cailtin and listen to The Strokes 'Is This It' album. And the black bug was parked outside. And outside the pet shop she told me I smoked like a poet and it's the greatest thing any female has ever said to me.
And I'm glad I got to tie it all together like that. In art school we call that style of writing eclictic.
In my world I get to spit on John Mayer for being a duche and laugh that on burn runs I'd steal soda/beer with Josh Lindwall from your parents garage.
Shamefully, I did download your running through highschool song.
The song should have had black spawn characters running through the Fairfield High hallways with to Thine Own Self Be True a woman in black like adore styled black kinda makeup and getup bleeding into a blood fountain across the school with dead tiled ghosts reflecting off the schools sides but running in 30 frames per second. The main charcater which would be John Mayer should die with a knife through the throat. I'm not sure in which hallway it will come. I was thinking warde but that makes no sense. Do they even call that shit that?
Dude, this is so cool if I was in Fairfield High age 16 I'd definitely be into my series and this show.
And that's why I'm pleased with myself in this moment.

Psychotic+sweaty+attempting to regain sanity to mutilate footage into a music video reflecting the greatest attempt to present artistic existence beyond acting and writing in a situation only Orson Welles meets the Arnold schwagnefgjkladfsj movie 'The Running Man' could imagine. But for serious.


comments in kernals

Anyday people had expected me to kernal panic. Instead I found Tabitha which was supposed to destroy me and somehow did something entirely different. I'm getting hit with the little lights and energy shits that across from me on this show. There's astral realms that are created for protection. There may be attacks from Hallerina but this I cannot see from the outside. I clear some dead areas in the shadows aside the sort of world that looks nightvision-esque. Vanessa restored to art school formulation creates in the cartoon world only one bowser character to fight who simply wishes to fill the world with hate. As time goes on it becomes further and further a world of madness. Silver Tiles involves alot of jumping around. I called out to my friends today and I believe I got Dillion across the way. Now that peace is made with Fairfield the sides of Williamsburg and Fairfield are united. It's a fascinated situation who you can get. The episodes are and aren't apart of everything. On the Dekalb level of living/Hart St. it's a jump over stale dialog with a touch of urban outfitters wit. If you can handle it, spin it while being dirt shit smelled.